Shopify Plus is the high-end enterprise commerce platform that’s powerful, intuitive and scalable. It allows you to experiment and expand your brand in game-changing ways.


  • Create and customize your online store with a trusted, customizable, and intuitive solution to run and grow their businesses
  • Handle over 10,000 transactions per minute
  • Sell in multiple currencies from one store, and target key markets with localized content on expansion stores
  • Plug in all the business tools and systems (CRM, ERP, PIM) your business relies on
  • Understand your performance and know where to expand next with built-in analytics and insights
  • Your own dedicated launch manager. It’s their job to make sure your website can be fully integrated into Shopify
  • Profit from the thousands of available apps to enrich your Shopify store experience


Our Services to maximize your digital success:

1. Design and implementation of your brand´s story and customer experience on Shopify Plus

2. Seamless integration of the Shopify Plus solution with your CRM/ERP for full synchronisation of all inventory, customer and sales information

3. Solution support to help you maximise returns and keep your digital store competitive and profitable

Get in touch with us to learn more about Shopify Plus and how it can take your business into hyper-growth from a certified official partner.