Novell features Jochen Schweizer in recent success story

October 12, 2007

Novell, a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software, rigorous security, identity, and access management solutions features Jochen Schweizer’s e-commerce platform in its recent success story.

Speaking of the economic relevance of Jochen-Schweizer’s e-commerce site Novell says: “Jochen Schweizer´s Web sales channel has proved a great success, and now accounts for 50 percent of the company?s revenues. However, the rapid growth in transactional volumes was pushing the [old] online shopping site to the limits of its capabilities. The site lacked scalability, there was no international support, and with only a single freelance developer responsible for programming and maintenance, there were major questions about reliability and disaster recovery capabilities.”

And also the reasons for choosing the Demandware e-commerce platform become clear: “Mobizcorp decided to run the Demandware software on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, using hardware located at a T-Systems data center in Frankfurt. As workload rises, Mobizcorp is able to add more compute resources to each cluster of servers, giving Jochen Schweizer additional capacity without requiring the organization to invest in programming skills, maintenance, software licenses or additional hardware.

The final statement of our customer Jochen Schweizer: “Our transactional Web site delivers both reliability and high performance, regardless of the number of simultaneous users,” said Georg Röben, Head of Marketing at Jochen Schweitzer. “Working with Mobizcorp and leveraging the Demandware solution on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server allows us to focus on what we do best promoting and selling our products, while the IT aspects are handled by experts.”

[Source: Novell, Jochen Schweizer Success Story]