New software facilitates the acquisition of Hummer trips and MIG 29 flights

June 8, 2006

New e-business solution at the Jochen Schweizer adventure gifts portal also enables targeted partner integration

The adventure gifts portal is operating a new e-commerce system with immediate effect. The software behind the portal has been newly set up by the It services provider Mobizcorp with technology from the American software firm Demandware, the company of Intershop founder Stephan Schambach.

Users will notice a significant improvement in the operability of the shop. The ordering process for such adventure gifts as Hummer trips and even MIG 29 flights will be easier than before. The software enables the Jochen Schweizer agency to use so-called “white labels” to integrate resellers such as travel agencies, tour operators or providers of leisure goods into the sales platform. These partners can offer Jochen Schweizer adventure gifts in their online shops using their own branding and design. The solution also enables new functions such as the printing of coupons and vouchers to be provided, as well as enabling better reporting, easier upgrading of the product range and expansion into new markets.

Mobizcorp is a specialist e-commerce service provider, and the solution it has chosen to deploy, Demandware, represents one of the most modern and most innovative e-commerce solutions. The project was implemented within eight weeks. The platform runs on external servers, updates and the addition of new functions both taking place automatically. The Jochen Schweizer agency is able to use the service on an on-demand basis without having to invest in expensive software or operate costly computing centers itself. A seasonal rise in demand triggers an increase in the capacity of the system and fluctuations are compensated for. Mobizcorp takes on the responsibility for servicing the e-business platform during operation.

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