Mobizcorp at the Denver

September 7, 2012

Mobizcorp presents expanded Demandware Service Portfolio

Mobizcorp will present its expanded Demandware Service Portfolio at this year’s Annual Summit. The industry gathering to be held in Denver from 10 – 12 September fully reflects its new LINK and Governance Services.

The range of LINK Services offered by Mobizcorp is directed at all technology suppliers who wish to provide their services using a pre-built and certified integration for the Demandware’s leading on-demand eCommerce platform. As a certified LINK solution partner, Mobizcorp offers the necessary expertise and experience based on numerous integration projects.

In addition, Mobizcorp’s Governance Services are geared towards companies operating eCommerce systems on a Demandware basis wishing to ensure the highest level of performance and stability for their solutions. Here, Mobizcorp provides specialized teams who regularly check customer installations with regard to performance, compatibility, stability as well as scalability and recognize and immediately implement improvement potential.

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