Mobizcorp develops epoq Recommendation Cartridge

April 19, 2011

For Demandware’s LINK Marketplace Program Mobizcorp develops the new epoq Recommendation Cartridge

The epoq GmbH, a specialist for customer-oriented e-Services for online shops, is a new member of the Demandware community. The IT service provider Mobizcorp developed the certified LINK Marketplace cartridge.

Starting immediately, shop operators who use the Demandware e-commerce platform can integrate the epoq Recommendation Service (epoq RS) quickly and easily by means of a Demandware cartridge. They immediately benefit several times, because the automatically provided product recommendations save manual effort, lead to a significant percentage of sales and contribute considerably towards the enhancement of the customer experience. The development and implementation of the interface occurred through the e-commerce service provider Mobizcorp, a Trusted Development Partner for Demandware´s LINK Marketplace.

The epoq Recommendation Service generates an extensive knowledge base from the behavior of all online shop customers and visitors. Because of this the intelligent and self-learning service is able to show shop visitors automated and suitable product recommendations. No matter whether alternative or additional products are recommended, the epoq Recommendation Service enables individual customer dialog, comparable with a salesperson in stationary commerce.

“For epoq the membership in the Demandware community is an important step for further expanding our market position. Online dealers who rely on Demandware can benefit from our highly efficient epoq Recommendation Service”, says Thorsten Muehling, Managing Director of epoq.

“epoq´s intelligent Recommendation Service complements the functional scope of the Demandware e-commerce platform perfectly. The application of this technology represents the next big step towards a completely personalized shopping experience for our customers”, says Friedhelm Scharhag, Managing Director of Mobizcorp Europe Ltd.

Demandware shop operators can download the cartridge at,default,pd.html and convince themselves of the epoq Recommendation Service in a free test phase.