Mobizcorp develops Demandware payment cartridge for Klarna

September 28, 2012

Innovative invoice-based payment solution now also available for Demandware

Klarna’s payment solution aims at merchants who want to offer one of the most successful and accepted payment methods for the European market. With Klarna, consumers only need to enter minimal personal information like name and address to get approved when ordering. No sensitive data like a bank account or credit card details are sent over the internet which makes this payment so secure. Klarna approved orders can instantly be shipped and invoices are due 14 days upon receipt of invoice.

With its ready-made Demandware cartridge Klarna offers one of the most sought after payment options and may help to increase customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

As a certified Demandware Solution Provider and in close cooperation with Klarna Mobizcorp developed the new LINK cartridge which is now freely available to Demandware customers.