Mobify and Mobizcorp Partner to Deliver Digital Excellence Powered by Front-end as a Service Solutions

September 12, 2019

VANCOUVER, BC, and BERLIN – Mobizcorp and Mobify today announced a partnership to help enterprises moving to modern, scalable architectures achieve digital excellence with Mobify’s best-of-breed Front-end as a Service.

Mobizcorp, based in Berlin, is the internationally leading digital commerce consulting and service company implementing exceptional retail, marketing, and mobile strategies for world-renowned brands since 2003. Mobify is a decoupled front-end cloud service for delivering fast, immersive experiences without the risk, complexity, and lengthy timelines of building and maintaining front-ends from scratch.

Mobizcorp will drive front-end projects for its customers worldwide, providing strategy and consulting, project and client success management, implementation of Mobify’s Front-end as a Service, as well as ongoing support, analysis, and optimization.

Mobizcorp and Mobify are at the forefront of a new commerce revolution based on decoupled architectures that connect best-of-breed solutions such as ecommerce, CMS, personalization, and now front-end platforms – all aimed at keeping pace with evolving customer expectations and new channels. According to the report, “The New Commerce Revolution: Off With Their Heads (Or Not!)” from Forrester Research (by Joe Cicman, August 13, 2019),  “This latest commerce revolution builds on years of grievances (fragmented experiences, hard-to-make customizations, and a disconnect with content).”

To articulate the value of an API-driven front-end approach,  the report continues, “While leveraging its corporate parent’s loosely coupled enterprise platform, Lancôme was able to implement a progressive web app without needing to replatform or bring in a new commerce solution. Quickly building new front-end experiences or even releasing small updates represent the key value of a headless approach. In this case, small teams were able to make a big impact using an API-centric architecture by easily adopting front-end technology like Mobify to deliver cutting-edge digital experiences that provided consistent lift.”

Without a Front-end as a Service, organizations must create, maintain, monitor, and secure their own custom hosting environments, build and maintain duplicate integrations, maintain and synchronize separate front-end codebases, and learn to build with modern front-end technologies like Progressive Web Apps. For these reasons, building a custom front-end from scratch causes scalability and support issues long-term.

According to Mobizcorp CEO Friedhelm Scharhag “Coming from a long history of building custom ecommerce front-ends for global brands, we instantly saw how Mobify could provide the scalable foundation needed to decouple the front-end in order to both handle the heavy lifting and keep ahead of the digital experience trends and changes that matter.”

Added Mobify CEO Igor Faletski, “Having a global partner with the cachet of Mobizcorp is extremely gratifying for us because, as a world-class digital innovator and systems integrator, they fully understand the challenges our mutual customers face as they move from legacy systems to a more modern, scalable architecture to reduce costs. Together, we aim to provide front-end experiences that go beyond expectations and are always getting better for the customer.”