Klarna Demandware Cartridge available in LINK Marketplace

April 25, 2013

Over the past few months, Mobizcorp has developed a cartridge that makes it even easier to integrate Klarna’s payment solutions into the Demandware shop system. The cartridge, which is officially certified by Demandware, is available to download for free in the LINK Marketplace. Online merchants can now easily provide Klarna Invoice and Klarna Account in their shop via plug & play – and for all countries in which Klarna operates.

“Klarna makes online payments especially easy – and with the cartridge, Mobizcorp makes it just as easy for online merchants to integrate this service into their shop,” proclaims Mikael Wintzell, Senior Vice President Sales DACH at Klarna. “In addition, the official certification by Demandware and inclusion in the Marketplace highlight the cartridge’s high standard.”

Klarna provides safe and user-friendly payment solutions for European online shops. The company was founded in 2005 with the objective of making online trading safer and easier. Klarna’s services are based on the concept of payment after delivery. This way, buyers receive the ordered goods before payment is due. At the same time, Klarna assumes all payment default and fraud risks that online shops are faced with, meaning that retailers can always be sure of receiving their money. Klarna wants to establish trust and offer buyers and sellers worldwide a trouble-free shopping experience. To date, more than eight million online shoppers have already used the payment solutions by Klarna in over 15,000 online shops in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Austria.