Historic links between Demandware and Mobizcorp

September 23, 2005

The cooperation and partnership between Demandware Inc. and Mobizcorp Europe Ltd. has its foundations in the longstanding working relationship between the two company founders Stephan Schambach (Demandware) and Friedhelm Scharhag (Mobizcorp).

By 2002, both had already been involved in successful cooperation extending over many years in the business field of e-commerce. Previously, in his capacity as CEO of Softlution AG, Friedhelm Scharhag has developed native eCRM software and e-business solutions based on the Enfinity Technology of Intershop Communications AG.

The good level of cooperation between Mr. Schambach (in his time as CEO of Intershop Communications AG) and Mr. Scharhag (as CEO of Softlution AG), the positive experiences gained from the partnership and the intensive business know-how in the field of e-commerce and e-business form today the basis of the cooperative nature of the continuation of their personal success stories in the age of “e-commerce” with their respective companies Demandware and Mobizcorp.

Photo: Net.ObjectDays 2005 , Erfurt 22.09.05