Experience Omnichannel in the Digital Concept Store by Mobizcorp in Berlin

March 5, 2018

Based on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the store showcases in-use applications for personalized shopping experiences and customer engagement. With the Mobizcorp Concept Store App, shop associates can identify customers, provide better and more competent advice, view online & offline purchasing history, preferences and wishlist as well as check the stock of all branches and the online shop via Endless Aisle technology. True to the motto “Buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere”, the customer can be served directly in the store (ship-to-store), from the store (ship-from-store) or at home.

Cross-channel promotions, vouchers and loyalty cards can be redeemed anywhere and on any device. Shop associates can scan barcodes in addition to using iBeacon technology to address customers individually and test various retail marketing strategies.

Through the connection to online shops and the POS cash register systems, customers have access to various payment methods including cash, credit card, Paypal, invoice and mobile payment methods, such as Apple Pay – everything seamlessly integrated across all touchpoints and with the best possible convenience.

The starting point for the use cases is always the question of the added value: where is the advantage for both the customer and the merchant? Depending on the objective and the customer group, convenience or experience can be prioritised.

”We showcase the practical omnichannel scenarios, which are often not so easy to comprehend, and make them user-friendly under real conditions,” – explains Friedhelm Scharhag, CEO and Founder of Mobizcorp.

Interested parties and brands are welcome to arrange a personal demo appointment via go@mobizcorp.de.