Event agency Jochen Schweizer expands online sales…

March 30, 2006

Ensuring that leisure adventures don´t turn into software adventures. The Demandware solution is realised by Mobizcorp Europe.

Press release:

Munich/Berlin, 03/30/06

Event agency Jochen Schweizer expands online sales…

Ensuring that leisure adventures don’t turn into software adventures.
Demandware solution is realised by Mobizcorp Europe

Mobizcorp will set up the entire e-business platform before the summer trade begins and then take over the service. Jochen Schweizer will profit from the advantages of a tailor-made on-demand solution without having to invest upfront in expensive software or having to run costly data processing centres. The platform will run on external servers and will be regularly updated and expanded with new functions.

The decisive factor in the expansion of Jochen Schweizer’s internet trade was the experience of the last Christmas trading season, when the system was being stretched due to extremely high demand and soon reached its full operating capacity. The new expandable demandware solution can easily respond to seasonal variations in demand. Over and above this the demandware solution offers more functionality at clear and manageable costs. This includes for example redeeming coupons and vouchers or integration with the affiliated supplier Zanox. Additionally, the e-business solution will be available within a matter of weeks.

Event-guru Jochen Schweizer comments: “With Mobizcorp’s modern e-commerce product range we have taken a decision against a risky and uncontrollable software and hardware adventure. We are not subject to high initial investments and continuous tying-up of internal resources. Our speciality is leisure adventures, and that´s how it should stay.”

Unique experiences and unforgettable moments are on offer in the shop at www.jochen-schweizer.de, with a focus on leisure. These range from off-roading in a giant US vehicle Hummer to tandem skydives and quad biking, from driver training in original racing cars to flights at 2.5 times the speed of sound in a MIG-29.

Action and event guy Jochen Schweizer is a multi- and extreme athlete, as well as managing director of his successful event agency in Munich and lecturer at the academy for advertising and marketing. He made bungee jumping popular in Germany and developed the internationally feted dance performance Vertical Catwalk from the trend sport house-running; he has crossed the Sahara desert on a motorbike, holds bungee jumping world records, is a passionate parachutist and paraglider, an active scuba diver and was one of the world´s top extreme kayakers. He has proven his talent in many sports and action movies, including for Willy Bogner. With his agency, he has won many event awards, and for his customers has, to mention a few, mounted cars to the sides of skyscrapers, spectacularly covered and uncovered the Brandenburg Gate and Munich airport’s terminal 2 and turned the Petronas Twin Towers into a vertical catwalk.

The Mobizcorp eCommerce Competence Group delivers tailor-made e-commerce solutions for online strategies of small and medium-sized businesses. The Mobizcorp consortium comprises of experienced e-business pioneers, including intershop co-founders and managers with more than 10 years’ experience.

The business goal is the optimization of e-business solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Solutions from Mobizcorp enable small and medium sized businesses of various sizes and industry sectors to profit from the opportunities offered by e-business at clear and manageable costs. The company has offices in Germany, the UK, Lithuania and the USA.

Mobizcorp is Boston-based Demandware Inc.’s premium implementation partner for Europe. Demandware Inc. offers complete on-demand e-commerce platforms that enable providers to run e-commerce solutions without having to purchase software or having to run costly data processing centres.

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