Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo GmbH & Co. KG

Industry: Manufacturing (jewelry)
Employees: > 1.850
Stores: > 300 shops and > 2.800 point of sales
Revenue: > 250 million EUR

Thomas Sabo is a global brand associated with diverse, innovative, trend-setting and top-quality jewelry and watch designs as well as superior beauty products. Its unique Sterling Silver Collection, Charm Club, and its exclusive Fine Jewelry Collection have defined the brand. Its own perfumes and beauty products perfectly complement the product range.

For Thomas Sabo, Mobizcorp developed a Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based new online store, with a special focus on responsive design, in only 3 months. In addition to the development team, Mobizcorp also provided the management for this project. The store was immediately rolled out in 16 other countries. Thomas Sabo’s entire brand and shopping world is now available online – from inspiration and personalization to editorials, charity or social events.

Content Commerce

Inspirations – Brand World – Editorials with Editors’ Choices – Celebrity Campaigns

Personalized Shopping Experience

Including custom configuration and engraving for the perfect gift.

Interactive Gift Finder

Visitors can browse products by various events and target groups.


Social Commerce Integration for Content-Driven Commerce and User Generated Content