Mobizcorp Inc. – New York office for US market

May 2, 2015

With the foundation of the US subsidiary Mobizcorp Inc. as new member of the Mobizcorp Group we strengthen our expansion to the US market. The aim is to satisfy the increasing demand for our specific ecommerce know-how and services in North America.

Furthermore we can deliver our services to our existing customers in The US and Canada even faster and more regional than before. Our activities in the US will be advanced out of our new office in the financial district in Manhattan (New York).

„The foundation of the US-subsidiary of the Mobizcorp Group is a distinct commitment to the US market and the constantly growing demand of american brands and retailers. This step is a consistent prosecution of our international expansion.“, says Friedhelm Scharhag, CEO of Mobizcorp Inc.

„Die Gründung einer eigenen US-Tochtergesellschaft der Mobizcorp-Gruppe ist ein klares Bekenntnis zum US-Markt und unseren beständig wachsenden amerikanischen Kundenbeziehungen. Dieser Schritt ist eine konsequente Fortsetzung unserer internationalen Aktivitäten“, betont Friedhelm Scharhag, CEO der Mobizcorp Inc.

We are looking forward to your requests:

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