Mobizcorp is a leading IT service provider focusing on e-commerce. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best possible service and top quality. Our team works in a large variety of projects for major brands, both national and international, and mainly in the fashion, lifestyle and luxury product sector, which take on the challenges of competition in e-commerce.
Our services are as diverse as the requirements on our teams and each team member. These challenges are our passion!



We are also aware of the personal challenges in daily life and try to provide common and individual flexibility. Here are some of the benefits which we offer:

  • A great variety of individual development opportunities
  • A flat hierarchy and a casual attitude
  • Flexible working hours
  • Flexible relocation terms
  • Free fruit and beverages
  • Always open to new ideas
  • One-on-one personal development meetings with the company management

Looking for a new challenge and a chance to prove yourself in international projects?
You enjoy working independently and also appreciate team work?
You believe that your colleagues can profit from your qualities?
You are willing to learn and open to new technologies?
Then we would like to receive your application for one of the below open positions.

We look forward to hearing from you.


HR Generalist

“We look forward to meeting you. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

E-Commerce Solution Engineer (m/f)

Berlin / Potsdam / Viernheim

Customer Success Manager (m/f)

Berlin / Potsdam / Viernheim

Web Designer (m/f)

Berlin / Potsdam / Viernheim

E-Commerce Project Manager (m/f)

Berlin / Potsdam / Viernheim

Unsolicited Application (m/f)

Working at Mobizcorp

Hammad Solution Engineer

Hammad started working at Mobizcorp as an intern. After finishing his Master of Computer Science, he became a full-time Solution Engineer.

During his initial training period, he was able to count on the support of an experienced mentor, who answered the questions he had and helped him become familiar with all the processes. He also had the chance of meeting the entire team from each of the offices at Mobizcorp’s annual summer celebration.

Since then, Hammad has already been able to gather experience from two projects and has found a solid place in his current project. His tasks are very varied. As a solution engineer, Hammad works on different topics and he is also part of the Solution Support team.

“What I like about my job at Mobizcorp is that I get to be part of real projects really quickly and I can make connections even though I hardly speak German.”

Annika Customer Success Manager

Annika has been working at Mobizcorp since 2013, when she started off as a Solution Engineer.

Throughout the years, she has been able to gain experience from different projects. Together with her team lead, she has discovered that her strengths lie also in the fields of communication, planning and supervision of projects.

For that reason, she has become a Customer Success Manager and is responsible for long-term client relations in the field of Solution Support, together with team members in the areas of Solution Engineering and Web Design. She provides ongoing support to our clients with further development of their shops, customer care and planning. The most important thing for her is to accomplish a trustworthy basis, recognize our clients’ needs and to find individual solution for each of them.

“What I especially like about my job is that I am in contact with both clients and colleagues. The raging scope of tasks I perform and the mixture of coding and project management makes my day diversified.”

Sophia Web Designer

Sophia is a Web Designer at Mobizcorp.

Her duties involve developing new design concepts or coming up with solutions on the basis of existing style guides for different clients.

Through her work, she has been able to gain insights from different projects. She works across our offices with different teams. She is also in charge of social media and even has the opportunity to develop herself creatively when taking part in internal design tasks.

“What I like the most about my job is that I can flexibly decide when to start working and let my creativity flow.”

   Check out Sophia's video about working as a Designer at Mobizcorp.
   Check out Sophia's video about working as a Designer at Mobizcorp.

Florian Project Manager

Florian is a Project Manager in our Berlin office.

His job is to assist our clients from the very beginning.

Our clients have a wide range of requirements and different needs in the field of e-commerce. From the traditional implementation of an e-commerce shop until the optimization of an existing system or the development of an interactive kiosk in the context of an omni-channel strategy, Florian is responsible for supporting our clients during the implementation of their individual goals and makes sure that the development team works within the margins of our cost-efficiency standards, stays within the plan and abides by our high-quality principles.

With the support of the Management team, he is single-handedly responsible for the communication between our clients and our development team.

Through his work, Florian has gained an understanding of several fields and constantly faces new challenges.

“What I especially like about my job is the mixture between working together with the client and our development team, as well as my personal responsibility and the ongoing communication with management.”